3D Photo proves innovative mementos by combining technology and imagination.

Designed to last forever, they are an heirloom that you can pass down for generations. Only the highest grade of optical crystal is chosen for 3D Photo products as this material is free of any impurities, and sparkles when polished to our specifications.

Choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes! You can customize your crystal to suit home or office decor. Any design, photo, animal, human form, or product can be engraved with stunning realism.

About 2D and 3D Crystal Engraving

Our unique software can turn your 2D photos into a mesmerizing 3 dimensional design in a matter of moments! Our artists specially prepare your photos and text for laser etching using our 2D conversion software. Then, using our state-of-the-art laser technology, we etch the 3D image into a into a flawless piece of optically clear solid crystal. When viewed from any angle the intricate design is viewed much like a three dimensional sculpture.

2D Engraving is also available. To create a 2D Photo Crystal our designers transform your image into a laser ready file, once lasered, the image appears flat within the crystal when viewed from the side.

Or you can come to our place and we take your picture with our special camera, which will create a 3 Dimensional image of your face.

Ordering is Easy!

All you have to do is upload your photo on our website and choose your options. Whether it’s a gift for a special occasion like a wedding, graduation or a birth; a picture of a loved one that you want to keep close, or simply a happy, funny moment that you want to preserve, 3D crystals are the perfect choice for an heirloom-quality gift that is guaranteed to last for many years to come. LEARN MORE

Dimensions                                         Faces

Small: 1.9 X 1.9 X 3 inch.                      1-2

Medium: 2.3 X 2.3 X 3.9 inch.              1-3

Large: 2.3 X 3 X 4.7 inch.                      1-5

XLarge: 1.9 X 3.9 X 5.8 inch.                1-7  & more

XXLarge: 1.9 X 6.7 X 6.7 inch.              1-9 & more

Holiday Gifts

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas

Special Occasions

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Memorials

Awards & Trophies